You're already a Rock Star!

So you have your own Social Enterprise and yet you still want to do more!

We love hanging out with beautiful souls like you! 
And we love to get creative and figure out funky new ways to make a greater difference, create life-changing partnerships and generally do more good.

Are you looking for a Charity Partner and not sure who to collaborate with?  
Would you like to magnify your impact by connecting with more like-minded businesses and organisations?

We love connecting people who do good, to do more good!  
We have done the work to identify great charity partners who are doing a stellar job, work efficiently and want to grow their capacity and sustainability and are looking for other organisations and enterprises to partner with.

1 person can make a difference, together we can change the world!

Art-By-Olga | Dovetail Social Enterprises

Art by Olga

Artwork for your office, Commissions

A Melbourne based Visual Artist, Olga was inspired by the notion of “using what’s in your hand” to help others; with money, time but also skills, talents, and networks. 
Olga is passionate about all people have access to clean water and empowering women.

50% of profits are donated to our charity partners.

Kenshi Candles | Dovetail Social Enterprises

Kenshi Candles

Corporate Gifts, School & Workplace Fundraising

The goal of Kenshi Candles is to help organisations making a real positive impact raise more funds so they can focus more on reaching people and doing more of what they are good at. 

Over 50% of profits are donated back to our partner charities.

Lamparto Social Lights | Dovetail Social Enterprises

Lamparto Social Lights

Custom Table, Floor and Pendant Lamps

Handcrafted timber table lamps, floor lamps and pendant style lighting capture the essential blend of affordable luxury and function for your office or home.  
As a social enterprise they partner with charities who journey with the poor and the most vulnerable.  They have a passion for education of girls and young women. 

50% of profits are donated to our charity partners.

Let's do more good together!

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