Who is Dovetail Social Enterprises?

Dovetail Social Enterprises was founded by Kirrily Graham after 18 years volunteering on the board and working with a grass root charity.  
Her combined experience of working in the NFP industry, running her own small to medium-size enterprise in Training and Development, as well as working very successfully in the corporate sector in B2B Business Development, naturally lead her to create her own Social Enterprise.
The team at Dovetail work across both sectors to address the key challenges for both grass-root charities unable to grow their capacity without financial investment and small to medium size businesses who really want to make a Social Impact but don't know quite where to start.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to empower and enable grass root charities to grow their capacity and be sustainable by creating partnerships with small to medium size businesses that want to make a social impact.

Our Vision is that there is a culture with small to medium size enterprises in Australia & New Zealand to be integral partners and contribution to the sustainability and capacity of grass root charities to do more of the great work they do!

Founder of Dovetail Social Enterprises - Kirrily Graham

Kirrily Graham


Kirrily brings her combined experience of working in hospitality, business development, training and development as well as her voluntary and paid work in the charity sector to work across both sectors of social change makers and small to medium businesses. 
Kirrily is passionate about enabling both to make a measurable impact and creating greater social change in the world.

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