You're Awesome!

You have your own business and you want to Make a Difference but not really sure where to start!

And we are here for you! 
People who own and/or run their own business know what it takes to run a business, you start as a jack-of-all-trades but over time you re-invest back into the business to grow your team and find the right people with the right skill-set to manage and grow your business.

You are still a bit time poor but want to give something back, you know you are actually doing OK but there are many out there that aren't. And you want to do your bit.

We've made it super easy for you

  1. Join the Dovetail Social Impact Program (choose the support plan best for your business or we can make a recommendation on the Welcome Discovery Call)
  2. Welcome Discovery Call with one of our Team (30min call & a written report)
  3. Choose your Cause (We will help shortlist them for you from our amazing pre-vetted grassroot charities)
  4. Start Making a Difference!


What Level of Support would you like?

We have a range of support plans to help you achieve your goals.  We have listed the most popular below.
You can choose from one of these plans below or Contact Us to create a tailor-made plan for your organisation.
Prefer to pay by the quarter or annually? Just click on your preferred plan (Join Now Button) and you will have an options to pay by a different frequency.


For each monthly package, we have a Welcome Discovery Call for a one-time charge of $250.  

This includes a 30 minute call with one of our senior team members to establish what you would love to achieve by being part of the Dovetail Social Impact Program and create a plan to Fundraise.

We will send you a short (promise it will only take 10-15 minutes) to complete prior to the call.  This will help us to make the most effective use of your time on the call to understand what sort of causes you are passionate about and the way in which you can effectively fundraise the money for your passion project.

We will then send you a summary of our call and a suggested plan for the year.

Not sure which plan to choose?  Start with the "Sweet & Simple" and we can work it out with you on the Welcome Discovery Call

"Sweet & Simple"  Membership


This is our great basic entry level membership to get you into the Dovetail Social Impact Program. 
With the exception of your onboarding Discovery Call with one of our team, it is primarily online Support and Community access.


  • Access to Online Resource Centre 
  • Join the Facebook Tribe
  • Annual Impact Report
  • Annual Project Report
  • A blurb for your website/signature/invoice
  • Annual Impact Review

"Spruke Your Stuff" Membership


This is ideal for those businesses who don't have a Marketing Guru or Social Media Manager.  We will do the grunt work for you, creating the content and sourcing images for your social media pages, blog or newsletter.

All items in the "Sweet & Simple" Membership 

  • 1 Social Media Post a week
  • 1 Quarterly blog post for your website &/or eNews

"The Big Picture"   Membership


This package is all about Strategy!  If you want to develop a bigger picture strategy about philanthropy, grant making, fundraising, staff engagement, public relations, marketing, volunteering.

All items in the "Spruke Your Stuff" Membership 

  • Quarterly Consultation & Review to the value of $2,000

"Charity Challenge" Membership


This one is for the truly adventurous!  If you would like to take your team or customers on a real adventure trekking the Great Ocean Road area of Victoria. Alternate hiking & cycling trips can be arranged locally in Australia as well as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal or even Mongolia!

All items in the "Spruke Your Stuff" Membership 

  • 3-day Great Ocean Walk for 15 people (ground only component)
  • Merchandise Pack for each Participant
  • Fundraising Support
  • Training Plan/Support
  • Fundraising Platform Setup & Support


Thank you for contacting us, we will be in touch as soon as we possibly can.  And we promise within 1 business day. 

Small to medium businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy, creating around 7 million jobs, contributing to 57% of Australia‚Äôs GDP and cementing our reputation as a nation of entrepreneurs.

What defines an Entreprenuer?

Let's face it, the culture and environment for grass-root charities is not really set up to have them succeed.

They have high levels of administration, reporting and governance, they are expected to run their organisation with volunteers or poorly paid staff, they are scolded for spending money on promoting what they do and the impact they make and yet we expect them to run at an 80% profit!

Imagine if they could channel some of our SME Entreprenuership and character traits and empower a growth mindset.  Then we could really see the impact they can make. 

Thats's why we created our program, so people like you and businesses like yours, can enable organisations to make an even greater impact.

Dovetail Social Impact Program

It's clear - It's transparent - It's Powerful

We create a powerful partnerships between  small to medium size businesses and grass-root charities.  
Many Business Owners like you, want to make a social impact but are not sure where to start. 
You choose one of the Dovetail Charity Partners that aligns with your business values and objectives and through the program we work with you to develop a one or a range of fundraising activities within your business that suits you and be something simple as a % of sales or as involved and as engaging as a Fun Run or 3-day Charity Challenge Great Ocean Walk for your Team or Customers.

You will have access to our resource library of fundraising activities that will provide guides and tools to implement within your business as well as access to our community of charity and fundraising specialists to raise funds for the charity program and empower their capacity.

We also offer support with events such as Charity Challenges for businesses, teams and your customers to participate in.

What's in it for my business?

  • better brand recognition
  • positive business reputation
  • increased sales and customer loyalty
  • operational costs savings
  • better financial performance
  • greater ability to attract talent and retain staff
  • organisational growth